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Fall Sunglasses: Paying Homage to Retro

October 18, 2010  
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THE LATEST trends in fall eyewear pay  homage to retro styles and colors, with an emphasis on thicker frames and colorful lenses. You won’t be able to trek around LA without seeing Angelinos wearing every color combination of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, or knock-offs, ever made. The successful Hollywood-based manufacturer, Oliver Peoples, has utilized this retro trend and transformed their eyewear into something more glamorous instead of simply a fad of the times. Oliver Peoples frames are made of the highest quality acetate with an innovative and polished design that is unique to the brand. And most frames are manufactured in Japan. Its form and quality make it a choice for Robert Downey Jr., Zooey Deschanel, Drake and Jay Z, including us editors at Collaj.  And before you take out your plastic, check first if you’ve got some disposable income to spare.

Alicia Olivares


Here are some of our Oliver Peoples picks for both men and women for Fall 2010:

1.) Farrell

oliver peoples eyewear

2.) Daddy B

daddy b fall sunglasses

3.) Wacks (only available  in stores, with other styles)

oliver peoples wacks black frames

4.) Zooey (in collaboration with  Zoeey Deschanel)

zooey sunglasses

5.) Strummer

strummer style fall sunglasses


One Response to “Fall Sunglasses: Paying Homage to Retro”
  1. Chi Zeinert says:

    I’m a sucker for anything vintage or retro. This is just too cool.

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