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Don’t Catch the Winter Doldrums: New Year’s Resolutions Worth Mulling Over

November 29, 2010  
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new years resolutionsThe weather has been getting uncharacteristically nippy here in LA, which can just make you want to hibernate in warmth and laze on the couch after work with some good takeout food and Netflix companions.

But while you’re at it, take a moment to write down your New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve always reneged on your goals and never got to cross anything off the list over the years, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and let this year be different. Just don’t let your pessimistic side get the worst of you.

New Year Resolutions for 2011

Do write down your big-picture goals, but instead of making a year-long list of aspirations that are easy to forget and hard to keep, make it more short-term and practical. How? Make a commitment to jot down weekly goals in your calendar as you go along (i.e., every Sunday night or Monday morning). Divvy them up by the following categories and you’re set.

1.) Physical.

Physical goals involve staying in shape and eating healthy. In order to do your best, you need to be your best.

“Do a set of pushups every night and increase the number the week after.”

“Go to the gym after work on Tuesday and Thursday.”

“Eat breakfast everyday and no processed food this week.”

2.) Social.

Social goals help improve your communication and relationship skills.

“Plan a hang out this week with …”

“Engage in stimulating conversation instead of just aimless chatter.”

“Talk louder and clearer and stop saying ums.”

3.) Mental.

Mental goals help increase your intellect and knowledge base.

“Listen to Rosetta Stone’s Spanish language CD’s on the way to work and back.”

“Finish reading ___ book.”

“Read the Wall Street Journal and New York Times everyday.”

4.) Spiritual.

Spiritual goals help you look deeper within, find meaning in life and enrich your soul.

“Reflect and meditate on an inspiring quote every day.”

“Read a verse from the Bible before going to work.”

“Work on enhancing inner character. This week: practice kindness.”

If you’re tempted to just keep a mental note of your resolutions, you’re calling for an early letdown. Something about writing them down makes a difference and helps the list stay etched in your mind longer. Use a calendar to write down your weekly goals and post your long-term goal list where it’s easy to view—now you’re ready for a successful new year.

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