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Top 10 Global Artists of the Year: Music Around the World

December 9, 2010  
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The year is coming to a close and we’ve witnessed some amazing musical talents from around the world. We decided to highlight a few of them, so if you’re looking for some new and unique tunes to add to your music library, you’ve come to the right spot. Check out our top 10 picks that include hip hop, trip hop, pop, alternative, R&B and even a little jazz to change up your mood.

1.)  Columbia Coffee

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

columbia coffee: brazilian music band

You’ll love Columbia Coffee if indie/alternative rock is your thing. The three-person group is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil so it won’t come as a surprise that lyrics are in Portuguese. Two of their latest songs were released in June including their popular “As Coisas Que Ela Diz,” which sounds like a mix between Vampire Weekend and The White Stripes.

2.) A.R. Rahman

Chennai, India

127 Hours soundtrack

If you were a fan of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, A.R. Rahman is your man—the guy behind the smash hit “Jai Ho.” But he can do way more than Bollywood dance numbers. As a master soundtrack artist from India, Rahman is a two-time Academy Award winner and recently composed scores for Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours.

3.) Edward Maya

Bucharest, Romania

edward maya: romanian musician

His first hit single “Stereo Love” became a club hit around the world and placed on Romania’s top charts. “This is My Life” is his latest single. Maya’s songs are in English but ooze Romanian flavors with accordion melodies, gypsy-like tunes and catchy techno beats.

4.) 2NE1

Seoul, South Korea

2ne1: Korean hip hop girls group

South Korea’s ever-so-popular all-girls hip hop/pop group, 2NE1—pronounced “twenty one” and short for New Evolution for the 21st Century—is getting noticed all over for their edgy talent, even by of the Blackeyed Peas, who offered to produce their album for their upcoming debut album (they’ve already recorded 10 songs in English). Check out their new album To Anyone, including the favorite “Clap Your Hands” track.

5.) Crystal Kay

Tokyo, Japan

crystal kay: japanese r&b singer

Born in Japan with Korean and African-American parentage, Crystal Kay is a talented Japanese R&B singer/songwriter, with some labeling her as Japan’s version of Beyonce. Kay has already sold over two million records in Japan and has collaborated with other well-known artists. Check out her new album, Spin the Music, which was released early December.

6.)  Konono No.1

Democratic Republic of Congo

konono no. 1: congo musicians

A musical instrumental group from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Konono No. 1 creates music with DIY percussions using salvaged items. They’re genre is what they call “Congotronics,” which is like a mix of tribal and electronica music. In 2006, they won an award from BBC Radio for World Music and also performed with Bjork back in 2007 for her album, Volta. The group also collaborated with Seal, Pink, India Arie and a few others for the 2010 Herbie Hancock album “The Imagine Project.” Check out Konono No.1’s new album Assume Crash Position.

7.) Robyn


robyn: sweden musician

With an ’80s music vibe, Robyn’s songs are influenced by dance/club music, and she’s sometimes referred to as “Sweden’s answer to Lady Gaga.” Coming back from a three-year break, she performed on the David Letterman show back in July promoting her new album Body Talk. She also made an appearance on Gossip Girl in November singing “You Can Hang with Me.” Pink’s a fan and there’s a good chance you’ll be too.

8.) Take That

Manchester, England

take that: british musician

Formed in 1990, this pop boy band split in 1996 and returned in 2005 with a great comeback in the UK. Their songs have an indie folk/rock feel that’s worth listening to. Currently their new album Progress is number one on the European album chart on

9.) Hilario Duran

Havana, Cuba

hilario: cuban jazz pianist

Hilario Duran is an amazing Cuban jazz pianist who previously worked with Dizzy Gillespie. Upbeat and vibrant, Duran’s tracks mix Latin Cuban flavors with modern jazz creating a mood evocative of a dinner party involving white suits, fedoras and cocktail dresses. His latest album is called Motion.

10.) Wax Tailor


wax tailor: French Dj, music mixer

Wax Tailor belongs in the trip-hop genre along with Portishead and DJ Shadow, though he also incorporates a bit of soul, funk, hip-hop and jazz…making it actually defy categorization. His latest album is In the Mood for Life—fresh and eclectic.

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