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The 3rd Annual LA Holiday Fashion Show at the W

December 21, 2010  
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fashion show at the w: white corset gown

As the models walked down the long, curvy staircase in elegant succession, large chandelier lights and reflective metallic walls added drama to the eye-catching dresses—the neckline, the hems, the ruching, as well as the colors that were very holiday appropriate.

black corset lace dress

Peter Phan took the night away with his beautifully edgy designs including a white corset gown studded with silver spikes and cascading ruffles below. In another, the model was wearing a corseted black lacey dress with pleated black collars that stood up like butterfly wings. Other showcased labels included Simoneh Clothing and Jeana Marie.

Last Wednesday’s red-carpet fashion event was hosted by F.A.M.E. LA, LA Fashion Corner and the Artist Movement to bring together local and national fashion designers, industry professionals and celebrities under one roof, and to fundraise for the Cause & Affect Foundation—a nonprofit that raises and distributes funds to help alleviate global poverty.

Cause & Affect was started by Fulbright Scholar Adam Carter after becoming disillusioned with bureaucratic large international agencies. Carter, 36, backpacks from village to village in developing nations as he explains in an interview with Parade:

“By immersing ourselves in the local culture, we seek out the best hands-on way to help local leaders improve their communities, while giving people a chance to climb out of poverty and improve their own lives.”

His team has brought wheelchairs to amputees and funded factories, a few examples that are making a direct impact to communities. Carter keeps in mind the best advice his mentor, Marc Gold, gave him: “Don’t feel overwhelmed. If you only help one single person you’ve made the world a better place. Start there.”

The moral of the night: So even if we might be far removed from the slums of Brazil or India, each action—even through an event like this fashion show—has the ability to cause unending rippling effects whether it’s by donating a percentage of sales to a charity, being directly involved by volunteering, or individually helping out a person in need.

fashion show: red gownpurple gown

models on the runway stairs


2 Responses to “The 3rd Annual LA Holiday Fashion Show at the W”
  1. Peter Phan says:

    A big Thank you for the fabulous article from Peterphan Label.

  2. Calvin Rogers says:

    Peter is a true rising star.

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