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Live Life Well

March 14, 2011  
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By Kri Sutah

japan earthquake: live life well

The world is still reeling from Japan’s 8.9 quake that killed more than 10,000 to date, and I became alert again—as I was after 9/11, as I was after the Haiti quake, as I was after a friend’s suicide, and as I was after any disaster or accident that came with no prior warning.

My unconscious MO was to take a sip of reality only when there was a tragedy. Then I’d let indifference creep in, and the cycle would start all over again.

I decided, not this time.

What happened to my motto to live intentionally, to dream, to not have compassion fatigue, to not put things off until tomorrow, to constantly ask myself questions whether this or that or every decision I make is worth it?

To live like you’re living, to challenge the status quo, to struggle and fight, to search for the answer until you get it—the time is now, before it hits closer to home.

Because you never know what will happen tomorrow…

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