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Your Summer Bucket List

May 16, 2011  
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bucket list: petra, jordan (7 wonders)

{The Monastery monument: Petra, Jordan}

Summer’s almost here, which means one thing: travel season. If you’re planning to fly out, it’s best to get your tickets now before prices skyrocket. The optimal time to look for fares is usually after the New Year and before mid-May (not including spring break and holidays) or between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. According to Travel & Leisure, this is when airfares are historically at their lowest.

If you don’t already have your summer bucket list ready—or your life bucket list for that matter—now’s the perfect time to create one. And it doesn’t have to involve going out of the state or country. Whatever list you come up with, make it something that’s overall daring, caring and eye-opening. Whether you want to replicate what four friends did on MTV’s reality show The Buried Life, or put another do-good twist to your list, the options are endless.

For starters, here are a few items to add to your bucket list or to use for inspiration:

1.) Learn to cook a sophisticated recipe and know it by memory.

2.) Volunteer at one of the developing countries.

3.) Visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World, which includes Chichen Itza, Mexico; Christ Redeemer, Brazil; Colosseum, Italy; Taj Mahall, India; Great Wall of China; and Petra, Jordan. (To vote for the official New 7 Wonders list, visit New7Wonders.com.)

4.) Learn another language.

5.) Visit all the capitals of Europe.

6.) Go on a summer adventure with an adrenaline-rushing sport: bungee jumping, flying the trapeze, sky diving, white-water rafting, water skiing, etc.

7.) Start an online business.

8.) Learn to surf or play the ukulele.

9.) Attend one of the Summer Olympic Games.

10.) Go on a road trip across the country.

11.) Train for and participate in a marathon or triathlon.

For an easy way to make quick lists and keep them from getting lost, use Ta-Da List, which is a fast, free and simple online tool that lets you create and share your to-do lists.

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