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Clara Chung On the Move

June 13, 2011  
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clara chung musicThere’s a new girl in town, and she’s already captured crowds at the Hollywood Bowl, the Shrine auditorium, Kollaboration 10 (first place winner), etc., and with more to come. Her name is Clara C (short for Chung) and the Clara-t of her talent couldn’t be anymore obvious.

For one, her creativity is not just limited to making music but it also shows itself in the production of her artistic YouTube videos. Clara’s genre can be best described as feel-good indie/folk/pop with a bit of jazz undertones. Her debut album The Art in My Heart is colorful compilation that leaves a good taste in your mouth like sprinkled cupcakes.  Here is Clara C in her own words…

CM: Is music what you always wanted to do since you were little?

CC: Yes! We have multiple video clips of toddler Clara running hogging karaoke mics, interrupting productions by crawling on stage and trying to steal the mic, etc. A career in music seemed so unobtainable growing up because everything you see on TV seems like it was done in some faraway planet, but I grew up and realized that I had all the power to do it on my own. Some hard work and a dash of luck and you’ve got yourself your dream come true.

CM: How do you keep yourself grounded after getting all this attention, winning first place in Kollaboration, touring, etc.?

CC: Mama raised me to be very humble at all times. Personally, nothing’s uglier to me than someone who’s cocky and rude. I absolutely refuse to be that way no matter what’s going on in my life.  Also, at the very base of things, I am another human just like anybody else. By seeing everyone as my equal, I leave myself very little room to have a big head.

CM: What does your day to day look like?

CC: Every day is different. For the past three months or so, I’ve been touring everywhere playing a gig in a different city every week. Some days I’m running around doing interviews and playing for people in big networks while juggling all the little tasks that nobody thinks artists deal with. Other days, I’ll tend to my personal life and spend time with family or go to Disneyland with friends. Another unit of my day may be spent songwriting and honing my craft. There’s always a million things to do. At first, my manager and I kept freaking out because our to-do list never seemed to decrease, but we’ve accepted that that’s just how it’s gonna be. To be honest, in this kind of career, being insanely busy is a huge blessing in disguise!

CM: Do you have any funny stories about fans or strangers you’ve met while on tour or performing?

CC: Hahaha…yessss we have our share of the crazies but for the most part, all of my fans are loving, sweet and sane people. That’s something I’m very, very grateful for. My fans are the bestestestest!

CM: Where does your biggest inspiration come from in making music?

CC: Anything can inspire me from documentaries and photos to heartbreak and happiness. Sometimes, I can be sitting in a park and be inspired to write a song. Anything that moves me is usually immediately channeled into a song. Art begets art. I consider myself an artist and I am fueled by other art no matter what form it comes in.

CM: Your videos, photos and artwork are so creative. Do you have a partner in the production process or this all you?

CC: There have been friends who have helped me along the way with bits and pieces but at this point I’m looking to hire some partners because after I get an idea, the recording, editing, filming, mixing, directing is all done on my own. A team is vital to any project and it’d be nice to not run around so frantically every time I have a project.

CM: Do you have a favorite quote, motto or phrase that you strive to live by?

CC: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I believe Ghandi said it?

CM: What do you consider to be your three passions in life?

CC: Music, food, people!

CM: What do you like to do in your spare time or where do you like to hang out?

CC: I love love love Disneyland. The funny thing is that all my life, I used to hate it! I was more of a rollercoaster/thrill kinda gal and spinning around in teacups and riding boats around didn’t sound too appealing to me. But now…I ride that teacup thing at least twice a month! I also make Hulu tons of money because I rotate about 7 different TV shows right now. Modern family, community and happy endings are my favies! Another thing I love to do is cook! I’ll get some girlfriends together and we’ll attempt to make a fancy risotto or bake a brioche =).

singer songwriterCM: What’s your favorite restaurant?

CC: Woah woah woah. That’s one difficult question. I think I’m incapable of naming just one so I’ll list some off. Father’s Office in Culvery City makes the best gourmet burger I could dream up. Din Tai Fung in Arcadia has the yummiest soup dumplings ever. I love myself a nice steak at Lawry’s with bread pudding and creamed corn. Ikko sushi in Costa Mesa is Japanese cuisine at its finest (well at least in America). I can go on and on and on but if I name another restaurant I might accidentally leave this interview and go get my grub on…

CM: What’s your current favorite song or musician?

CC: I love Feist! Everything about her and her music is truly great! John Mayer will always hold a very deep and secure spot in my heart.

CM: Where can people buy your album and latest songs?

CC: iTunes, BigCartel (physical copies)

Clara C is currently working on a new album slated to come out in 2012. Check out her official page at ClaraCMusic.com.

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