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Working Life Balance: Where Do You Measure Up On the Scale?

June 20, 2011  
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working life balanceWhether you’re an ambitious workaholic slaving away up to 70 – 80 hours a week or a pleasure-seeking socialite who’s never had to work a day in your life, it’s clear that there’s an imbalance that needs to be rectified. You always hear the words “work/life balance” but what does that exactly mean? Well, we went ahead and divvied up the categories that make up our living: physical, mental, spiritual, organizational, and relational. Take the quiz and see where you fall so you can work on your life balancing chops.


__ I work out twice or more per week

­­__ I eat out fewer than four times per week

__ I get a daily dose of water, fruits and veggies

__ I’m up-to-date on annual doctor and dental checkups

__ I’m up-to-date on haircut and grooming needs



__ I’m mentally stimulated and challenged at work

__ I regularly read and learn from books and websites relevant to my work/industry

__ I take regular vacations and breaks so I don’t burn out

__ I’m pretty cultured on the latest news, movies, music and events around town

__ I take steps to practice a character trait I need/want but lack



__ I have a regular time of reflecting, meditating/praying

__ I take time to read meaningful/motivational quotes, verses, proverbs

__ I depend on a higher power and seek the meaning of life

__ Volunteering and giving is a regular part of my life

__ I engage in meaningful conversations



__ I’m not behind on my domestic duties (clean house, stocked up fridge, dry cleaning, etc)

__ I pay my bills on time

__ I balance my checkbook and see where I spend

__ All my important docs are neatly filed away (passport, warranties, etc)

__ My calendar is filled out with to-dos (oil change, appointments)



__ I go out and socialize with friends at least three times a week

__ I meet and network with a new person at least once or twice a week

__ I have a close knit of family/friends that I can always rely on

__ I check up on family and friends to see how they are doing

__ I keep in touch with old buddies and co-workers and follow up with new people I’ve met.


So How Balanced Are You? Tally up the number of checkmarks you have in each category (i.e., if you checked off only 1 per section, you fall into the red category).


0-1 Red — Stop and re-evaluate. Go through the list again and see how to include more of the items into your life.

2-3 Yellow — You could keep going, but it’ll do you good to slow down and check your motors. There’s always room for improvement.

4-5 Green — Pat yourself on the back. You’ve mastered the work/life balancing act.

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