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What to Take on Your Carry-On

June 27, 2011  
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By Alicia Olivares —

Long lines: check. Security screening: check. Flight delays: check. You finally board, reach into your carry-on for your eye mask, book, or iPod and realize it’s not there: check. The process of leaving for that summer vacation is full of excitement and stress, so much so that packing everything you need, or may want to bring, during your flight can take the back seat. Remember that your carry-on is your life line when traveling because it should hold your most valuable and entertaining items. Also, if your check-in luggage becomes lost during layovers, at least (hopefully) you packed an extra set of clothes.

Collaj will be taking off to Tokyo soon, and we thought we’d share the 3 E’s that should go into every  carry-on: Essentials, Entertainment, and Extras.

*And before you jet off to that tropical island or Italian vineyard, be sure to read up on the TSA carry-on guidelines.

The Essentials:

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

$5.99  (available at most drugstores)
During longer flights, your body becomes dehydrated, and thus your skin becomes drier. Aquaphor is known to battle dry skin, so slather this treatment on your face and hands.

aquaphor lotion

Eye mask

Your flight duration is the optimal time to get some of that R&R you’ve been waiting for. The best way to relax your eyes and fall asleep (aside from a mid-flight cocktail) is to wear a comfortable eye mask that blocks out all light. Available in more colors.

travel face masks

Travel Pillow with Memory Foam

Whether your flight is an hour or 14 hours, this neck pillow will save your head and neck from discomfort and pain. The pillow will also allow you to fall asleep without embarrassing yourself as the sleeping head bobber.

carry on pillow

TUMI Electric Adaptor with Ballistic Case


adapter to take on your carry on


Any Apple product, but preferably the iPad

The iPad offers the best of everything in one multi-media tool. Not only is this a space saver, but it will save your mind from the boredom of a long flight and from that annoying neighbor who attempts to go on and on about his life story.

take your ipad for your carry on

NOOK Color

This NOOK is great for those who simply want to read books, Collaj Magazine, or newspapers, but it also serves as a multi-media device that allows you to surf the web, play Angry Birds, and listen to music. This NOOK version is also a touch-screen and is slimmer than the iPad.

nook: reading material for your carry on

Bose IE2 Headphones

These headphones have superior sound quality, which means they will drown out the humming of the turbine engines, the crying baby, coughing/sneezing of people who caught the airplane cold, etc. Also, the new design allows for comfort yet stability when moving around.

noise drown-out earphones for the plane


American Apparel Medium Leather Carry-All

It’s easier to keep all travel documents, currency, passport, and wallet all together, especially during international travel. Available in more colors.

leather carry-all passport bag

Old Navy Jersey Lounge Suit

Changing into lounge-wear during long flights is the preferable thing to do—makes  sitting in those small economy class seats a bit more bearable. Available for both men and women.

comfortable clothes for the plane ride

TOMS Blue Leopard Women’s Vegan & Men’s Grey Stripe Rope Sole

Not only do TOMS come in every color and print, but they are easy on your feet. The built-in padded insoles are perfect for running through the airport, or to wear during the the flight.

comfortable shoes to wear at the airportguys shoes to wear at the airport

Haviannas Brazil Sandal

$22 (available in more colors for both men and women)

Everyone in LA knows flip flops are a must—they’re comfy and allows for foot wiggle room on the cramped plane. The rubber soles are well made and nicely cushioned for maximum comfort.

brazil flip flopsflip flops

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