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Sock’em Good: Fashion Tips on Wearing Socks

August 22, 2011  
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wearing socks: argyle fashionRule number one: If your socks are holey, tattered, worn out or runs on the sides or bottom, it’s time to get rid of them. The socks you put on during a frenzied morning could be the day your boss decides to try out a new team-building activity involving feet. And what an impression you’ll leave if your little toe embarrassingly juts out from a side tear.

Socks might be the least of your sartorial worries, but the right ones can properly pull your outfit together—especially when you’re sitting down and your pants ride up, or if you’re wearing shorter bottoms and your sweaty feet can’t go commando. (Each foot can produce more than a pint of sweat in one day!)

This fall, designers including Moschino and Marc Jacobs embrace socks on the runway. Moschino takes a sporty approach on men’s fashion with double striped socks worn over trousers. Long, colored socks are used as accent points and darker shades are matched with trousers or shoes. If you’re a guy and don’t know a thing or two about fashion, just keep in mind that socks should be close to the color of your shoes or pants. If it’s a pattern, there should be one color point of similarity. And depending on the occasion, the material should blend in with your outfit—this means no white tube socks with suits, s’il vous plaît.


moschino fall runway

Moschino Fall 2011 |

Marc Jacobs pulls the look together for women utilizing socks slightly above ankle length and styles them as an accessory that contrasts the shoe color and coordinates with a point on an outfit, whether from a graphic motif or a solid-colored hat. Put this look into action by taking ankle booties and pairing them with contrasting wool socks that match your top or bottom color.


marc jacobs fall fashion

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 |

Though the runway is the best resource for getting seasonal inspirations, gut-instinct still rules and is the answer to making your style solely your own. When shopping for socks this season, rather than resorting to the cheapest pair on the market, find one that is worth the value. This will save you money in the long run. Well then, where to shop? We love Happy Socks for all your sock-ing needs whether you love quirky prints, fun patterns, or plain styles. Happy Socks began in 2008. Their designs are created in Sweden and manufactured in Turkey at a family-driven factory that has been in the business for more than 30 years. Their factories make it a point to maintain respectful working conditions—another reason to shop here.

happy socks





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