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Curious Obessessions: Interview with a Model

September 26, 2011  
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fashion modelCandace Eason may not be rich and famous, but that’s the least of her worries. “I’m just happy that I’m living” is her stance on life as she takes out a self-designed notebook filled with a long list of detailed goals. Graduating from the Michigan State University with an art degree, Candace had always been interested in art and fashion but modeling has been her first passion since she was 5 years old.

With a curious mind and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Candace can always be seen on the computer doing research to learn everything she can about a topic that interests her—for one, if you ask her to fix your computer, she knows how. Read on to find out more in her words.

CM: How did you get into modeling?

CE: I was very much an artsy type, if you will. I had an obsession with fashion. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was young and would often sketch create my own designs, but then I grew a huge fascination with modeling.

CM: When did you know you wanted to go into modeling?

CE: Moment I knew I wanted to be a model was when I was watching Victoria’s Secret runway….I was 5. Growing up, I remember going home just balling my eyes out because I wasn’t able to watch these shows.

CM: As a model, do you keep a tight reign on your diet? What do your daily meals consist of?

CE: As a model with a slow metabolism, I do not have diet. But, I am very cautious of the things that I eat and consume. For instance, I do not eat lots of meat due to the processing and treatment of animals in slaughter houses as well as farms. My daily meals consist of wheat cereal, bagels, orange juice, water, cream cheese sandwiches with tomatoes, plenty of vegetables, avocado wheat chips, nacho dip, and Mexican traditional cooked dishes like chorizo.

CM: Did you ever have an obsession with body weight when you were little? Many magazines and media like to Photoshop models to make them look thinner and more beautiful than they are. What is your opinion on this and the effects it has on children?

CE: I never had an obsession with my body weight. In terms of photo editing in magazines and the awareness of children, it really depends on the parent and whether or not they are teaching their children that it’s simply fictional and not reliable. Also, I am not entirely sure about the effects on children, but I am positive that children can distinguish skinny from obese and that being healthy is the key to beauty.

CM: What are some of your modeling experiences?

CE: I started in Detroit when I was about 16. Started working with Jonathan at City Wide Productions, and that’s when I started doing runways from there. I traveled to East Lansing and had a fascination for modeling and took it upon myself to submit different headshots, different body shots to companies and I was discovered by this guy named Ryan who does commercials for Detroit. I shot a commercial for Dental Goldenbaum (dental care). Then I went to NYC and did same as a freelance artist, submitting headshots, doing print work and there I landed here in LA. I don’t intend to stay here for very long. I don’t know if I fit the criteria as a model here…I’m going to be featured in another print mag and fashion show for a clothing line called 8th and Olive.

CM: Do you watch America’s Next Top Model?

CE: Sometimes. I admire Tyra Banks. She’s one of my idols. I take notes when I watch. I actually auditioned to be on the show. I’m still waiting. October is when they announce the contestants.

CM: Did you grow up in a strict household?

CE: My parents were very strict. As a result, it forced me to grow this exterior of rebellion and being a part of a rebellious click in high school…I would do things to see if I could get away with it like tape up the camera in the hallways or write my name on the wall. But I was very punctual and ambitious and goal oriented as a kid so it was very easy for me to get good grades…But yes, now I’m thankful!

CM: Do you think about God or the existence of a higher being?

CE: I do believe that there is something or someone that created this universe and everything that we’re sustained in. It’s funny because I used to pray as little girl, “Please bless me with bigger boobies.”

CM: How did you become a computer technician?

CE: To me, a computer technician is knowing every single thing about a computer. Any different processors—Mac, PC, OSS, and just knowing different components and knowing how to use them in any given circumstance. Just dealing with a lot of different software like editing, video, final cut pro, it just really fascinated me because at school I would be editing for people. I just wanted to know everything there was to know about a computer and technology in general! Sometimes I’d sit at home, watch YouTube videos to keep me entertained and learn.

CM: So you’re self-taught and if there’s something wrong with my computer, you could fix it?

CE: Yes!

CM: What are your dreams? Where do you want to be in 5 years?

CE: OMG, I’m going to get my notebook out just because I write my goals of what I want to accomplish. I have a lot of goals—20. These goals are really detailed which means I need to be that much more focused on maintain these goals.

CM: What mark do you want to leave in this world?

CE: I want to leave a remarkable mark. I want to be an influential person that talks about politics (I love politics). I want to be leaving marks everywhere in terms of environment, culture, understanding people, how people live lives on a daily basis.

CM: What’s your news source?

CE: BBC & NPR. I like to do a lot of research at home. Third world countries and their perspectives on America.

CM: Who’s your favorite artist?

CE: Erica Badu. I like all types—Weazer, Tygo, Radiohead…In fact, I’ll sing you one of those songs.

CM: What do you do during your spare time?

CE: I don’t do typical things….but I like to do multiple things at once. I’ll do a photoshoot when I get bored, I’ll send out emails to clienteles. I like to write songs, poetry, I like to research—that’s what I’m all about.

CM: What are some issues in politics that capture your attention?

CE: The health issue that we have. Food corps and knowing that the chicken is real from restaurants. I don’t like fast food. I’m more of a vegan. I don’t like killing animals. I really take pride in things I eat. When I see nutritional facts, I think how much of it is really true? You have to go the extra mile to say, no this actually has trans fat in it.

CM: How did you feel when Obama came into office?

CE: Wow, this is incredible. As a global citizen I realize since the world so huge for one person to do.

CM: What do you like to read?

CE: I love reading newspapers, novels, facts and statements. I enjoy research. I like seeing what the government has in store for me. I like reading facts about people in prison, economic situations. It’s good to get people’s opinions.

CM: Do you like to cook?

CE: Yes, I like to cook Mexican dishes, because I’m like 25% Mexican. I’m fluent in Spanish. I love speaking in Spanish.

CM: How did you learn?

CE: I had Hispanic friends who taught me in college. I also studied two years in college and four years in high school. No one else in my family speaks Spanish. I also like Mandarin—I learned a little from friends in college—living in the dorms for two years.

CM: How do you make income just starting out in the industry?

CE: I’m financially unstable right now but I’m just happy that I’m living. I could care less about money. They say people who don’t have money worry the most but it’s not true.

CM: Three passions in life?

CE: Modeling, knowing who I am and how that affects people, and business.

CM: Advice you’d like to give?

CE: Don’t take no for an answer and strive for what you believe in. Knowing what you want to with your life is essential. You will know what your destiny is and you’ll be inspired.

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