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Thinking Outside the Box with Unique Home Furnishings

October 3, 2011  
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Whether you’re a furniture designer, teacher, lawyer, doctor, actor, executive assistant or restaurant hostess, we all know that creativity isn’t limited to just the artist-types.  It means going above the norm and challenging the obvious. Check out the following home goods that inspire us to think outside the box on a daily basis.

Lila Jang Sofa

Taking a curvy ride inside her imagination, talented designer Lila Jang creates this statement sofa chair that was featured in a Paris exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain. Visit CribCandy.com to see more “bookmarkable stuff for your home.”


climb sofa


Half Bookends

Add life to your otherwise boring book shelf and go for these  fun and quirky multifunctional book ends. Perfect for goldfish, flowers, candy or your own origami creations.

half vase book ends

Compact Living Solutions

You won’t ever find a compact solution as sleek and clever as this Doc Sofa Bunk Unit that converts from normal couch to a bunk for two.

couch bunk bed

Livingstones Pebble Pillows

Smarin, a French design company, has created the perfect home decorator that grownups can lounge on and kids can enjoy. For more ways on how to put the  rock pillows into use, visit FurnitureFashion.com

pebble rock pillows

Float Vase

Express a bit of your creative side with this float vase. With the illusion of being half stuck inside a hard surface, this unique vase will amuse guests and act as a light and fun conversational piece.

illusion vase


One Response to “Thinking Outside the Box with Unique Home Furnishings”
  1. rippleworth says:

    Cool design! I really like your Lila Jang Sofa! I know this might sound like a strange request but could I use that image for a children e-book for free by any chance?
    It would also be a great way to promote your website and sofa. As I would mention your website.
    Kind regards
    Summer Rippleworth.

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