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Branding to Innovate: The Man Behind The Culture Creative Firm

October 17, 2011  
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By Bethany Nauert—

sean, brand strategistSean Yashar, a native Angeleno, is the powerhouse behind the innovative brand consultancy, The Culture Creative. Combining knowledge and creative foresight, Sean fills a white space for content creation in the design, lifestyle and luxury goods industries. A self-described “modern artisan” on a mission to save the world from the mundane, Sean’s ideas are from the future, but he still loves the smell of paper and the feel of a pencil.

Sean has a very unconventional approach to living, and this forward thinking is what drives the success of his business. He is way ahead of his own time and the most edited person I know. Everything in his life has purpose and aims at some direct meaning—that is, there is nothing that exists in Sean’s life “just because.”

During a recent conversation, Sean explained his attraction to design, for which his sentiments relied heavily on the idea that style and magnificence does not just exist in fashion. The artwork that we collect and the contents of our home environment are not just an extension of ourselves, but are stories that dictate a certain relevance to our daily lives. Sean has found a niche for this idea, bringing a certain gravity and opulence to this vision.

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20 Questions with Sean Yashar About Life in LA

1.) How long have you been an Angeleno?

29 years, born and raised.

2.) What part of Los Angeles do you live in?

Miracle Mile.

3.) What turns you on the most about this city?

A metropolis coexisting with nature. I call it, surf ‘n’ turf.

4.) What turns you off the most about this city?

Hours of operation and the pairing of Juicy jumpsuits and Uggs.

5.) Favorite place to eat Sunday brunch?

Café Stella in Silver Lake.

6.) Most overrated venue?

Hollywood and Highland.

7.) Who is your favorite local artist?

Icon: Ed Ruscha. Contemporary: Alex Prager.

8.) If you were going to move, what would be your next destination?

Abbot Kinney, Venice.

9.) Name something you wish would change here?

Café culture. For being a city with perpetually sunny days, we don’t have enough outdoor dining when compared to NYC or Paris…or even SF and Seattle, for that matter. I’d like to see rows of bistro tables lining the sidewalks, and cafes that are open later than 11pm.

10.) Favorite time of year in LA?

Autumn…crisp, clean weather and intense colors in nature. Perfect for a drive at dusk on PCH.

11.) Where to go for the best happy hour?

I’ve got a few: the rooftop at the Shangri La Hotel in Santa Monica, The Tar Pit on La Brea, St. Felix and Cecconi’s in West Hollywood.

12.) Best flea market?

I prefer auctions. Try A.N. Abell in the City of Industry.

13.) What is the best exhibition you’ve seen here?

Anything at L&M Arts in Venice. Paul McCarthy’s show last year, “Three Sculptures” was everything.

14.) Where is the best place to go on a first date?

A tie between Figaro Café in Los Feliz and Ado in Venice. First dates should be casually romantic, and both these venues have that kind of vibe.

15.) Favorite of all the “tourist” spots?

Malibu. Where health meets wealth.

16.) Best venue to see a live show?

Spaceland, Silver Lake. They’re known for breaking new acts…so many great bands had their first LA performances there. I remember the Scissor Sisters performing a free show years before they blew up.

17.) Name a hidden LA gem that has not been taken over yet.

Larchmont Village.

18.) If LA had a subway system like NY or bus system like San Francisco, would you use it? Or would you stick with your car?

I can’t say I wouldn’t use it, but I can say that LA is best with a car. Something about taking a drive to the beach or through the canyons couldn’t be recreated with a transit system.

19.) Biggest (but most true) cliché about LA?

Botox barbies and an overall youth-obsessed culture.

20.) What mark do you want to leave here?

If you ask me, LA is straddling the line between being important and passé. With my firm, The Culture Creative, I’m doing my part to bring more cultural significance to Los Angeles. We have all the right ingredients to be a power player, but somebody’s gotta get in the kitchen, and make something fresh ‘n tasty!



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  1. Jessica Gehring says:

    Brilliance in the making. Sean is on the edge of causing chaos and changing up the monotonous voice of culture.

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