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Laws of Attraction: Interview with Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur, Lucy B.

June 20, 2012  
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lucy b cosmetics founder

Lucy Baldock-Sacchi is no ordinary woman, as even the complexity of her name might subtly hint. Working extensively with celebrities including Claudia Schiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Minogue and Johnny Depp as a hair and makeup artist, Lucy didn’t just rest on her laurels. As founder of Lucy B. Cosmetics, Lucy finds her business asking for “110 percent” of her time but she is able to balance her work and life in a way that is manageable. Collaborating with her husband Marco Sacchi, who is a top advertising photographer, Lucy has been able to agilely grow her business over the years. The successful Aussie beauty line is mostly known for their organic fragrances and skincare. Read on to find out more in her own words…

CM: What was your inspiration for starting your own beauty line? Was it a long-time plan or something that came at a whim?

roll on perfume

Parfum l-r: Pink Frangipani - Australian flower essences with notes of grapefruit and tropical flavors; Wild Jasmine - sweet scented and light; Royal Water Lotus & Vanilla Musk - classical, soft and refined

LB: We started in our kitchen in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. I was always a hair and makeup artist and loved creating images for magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Vanity Fair —for over 20 years. We were researching for over two years before we launched the line and were looking at doing a store initially. I was visiting NYC and meeting with owners of FRESH, Lev and Alina. They were the ones who said, “Do your own line…you have great taste and knowledge of the market.” They got me thinking “why not!” so thats when we started designing and came up with a natural concept.

The line is infused with natural Australian Flower essences which are very healing and make us feel good. They’re safe for children, animals and pregnant women.  I always wanted our own business and we dove in with great mentors such as Robin Coe who is a friend (she owned  Fred Segal  beauty store in the Santa Monica location) and Fred himself…I was always asking questions and moving towards understanding all the many steps one has to take to create, produce and market a new line.

CM: You’re also a hair and makeup artist, do you still have time to practice the craft or does having your own business consume all your time?

LB: Business loves 110 percent of our time! However, part of true success is managing your time and creating a balance for you and your family…I managed to also become certified in kundalini yoga in the last 12 months, which helps me balance my life with meditation. It makes me more intuitive, which really helps with business: knowing who to call, who to reach out to daily…it helps create a great flow on every level. I love doing shoots and we do for our brand. Marco (my husband) is a co-owner and is/was a big beauty, hair and celebrity photographer so we love creating projects and images. I occasionally do a great Vogue or Vanity Fair shoot and love the process. We also love just creating anything as a great meal, painting and future ideas for what we love.

CM: What’s your creative process in coming up with products? Do you have a favorite product or scent?

LB: Many things inspire me: film, nature, spirituality are all cords that run through our life and brand. The use of the natural  Australian flower essences was integral to our success I believe, as we all want to use products that are partially or completely natural. We have both in our line. Organic lemonade lip balm is all natural and Frangipani Bronzing Shimmer Oil is also 98% natural.

CM: One of your new products is the shimmer bronzer oil. What are some ways you’d use it?

LB: We advise to apply like this: Pour a coin size into your hands and rub together, smoothing on your legs, arms and decolatage. It’s so popular we made it in two sizes 100ml for $48 and a  50ml for $28. It’s best to apply it once clothes are on. If you have thicker hair, its also great on the hair—gives it a wavy, beachy look.

CM: Do you have a favorite product that gets worn by celebrities and never goes out of popularity?

LB: Our Organic Frangipani Bronzing shimmer oil used on the red carpets everywhere in LA, NYC, London. We have great friends who are top makeup artists and they use it in their kits as well. Recently it was on Brooklyn Decker for her promotional tour for her new film. A list of celebs that love our line: Tatjana Patitz, Alicia Keyes, Brooklyn Dekker…

CM: Do you feel like you are balancing your work/life well? If so, how do you do it? If not, what’s your ideal?

LB: When we first set up the business it was easy to only have that as our focus…you have to know the signs of not having a balance…essentially you work it out to keep more of a balance as you do always have your business in mind 24/7!

There’s no way around it when you own your own business. Balancing yourself and family and your health is very crucial to the business’s success. We think in brand—all of what we do can translate to all the products so that takes up brain space! Meditation and yoga, getting out into nature for hikes, the beach with the dogs are all great grounding things to do for us. We also love going for dinners and a movie.  All these clean the palette and balances the work aspect.

CM: What are your top 3 passions in life?

LB: Hanging out with family and friends…love that…which includes our animals; creating innovative and natural products; meditation and yoga (including relaxing and laughing). These are all important aspects of staying balanced for me and anyone else.

CM: You moved here from Australia. What are some things you appreciate here that you can’t there and vice versa?

LB: I am actually from London…I came to USA in my 20s and was represented by one of the best agencies here, Celestine Agency, doing hair and makeup working with all top photgraphers and celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Johhny Depp, Claudia Schiffer and Elle Mc Pherson.  Then we moved to Sydney for  15 years and came back to California. I love most countries and can appreciate certain things such that Australia has a relaxed attitude…I love that every beach on the coast there are rock pools (full sized saltwater pools). I miss swimming in them…The start of my day was to walk along beach with the dogs, have a swim, then off to a photo shoot. In the summer, which is Dec-Feb, you’d hit the beach after work too.

It somewhat felt like a smaller village…In all fields, Australia has amazing talent and beauty though…USA, I also love that it’s full of such creative energy and can-do attitude. We love it here…plus it really is the center of the commercial universe…plus there’s so much nature so close to the city…We also love NYC and San Francisco. There is so much to do and I love the Spanish architecture influence here. Like Sydney, so much nature within ten minutes of the city.

CM: Where is your favorite go-to spot in LA?

LB: I love my yoga center Yoga West; a friend has membership at Soho House which was really fun and beautifully designed; and of course I love Santa Monica, Hollywood Hills, Malibu and Santa Barbara for getaways or hikes.

CM: LA is an image-obsessed city. How do you define beauty?

LB: I don’t think we should dictate or judge anyones own definition…we dont know how or why someone picked their own path or what they identify with. These things change as we grow…I work on not judging that aspect. For me I love beautiful positive images (photos, movies) of  men and women or locations that definitely are kind on the eyes!  I think it’s beautiful some actors like Johhny Depp pick unusual films and lifestyles.

I find people that have great passion for what they do, courage, patience—all qualities we can do with more of ourselves, really beautiful…Right now, I’m loving Pinterest as its so fun gathering images of people, places and anmials you like…I like social media and enjoy the connection to people, friends and interesting stories…We’re all curious animals and its inspiring to hear what others feel and think…it’s how we’ll change the world we live in now. Being a part of that is amazing.

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