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Office Space Design Ideas: Inspirations from Top Companies

August 6, 2012  
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You can’t deny that having a sweet office space changes the nature of how you work and overall mood. Check out the following office space design snippets from top companies and see how they play up their everyday workspace.

LEGO – Toy manufacturing company based in Billund, Denmark. Lego utilizes what their brand represents and applies it to their design space, satisfying the inner kid we all want a piece of.

lego office

GOOGLE LA – The online search engine chief opens a office in Venice, CA on November 7, 2011. Not as impressive as its Googleplex headquarters but still a covetable place to work.

google office in venice, ca

WHO WHAT WEAR – An online fashion source for celebrity style, runway trends, and shopping suggestions. They revamped their LA office space  back in 2010, designed by Avenue Interior Design company. Chic, hip and fashion-office worthy. office in los angeles


REFINERY 29 – A highly popular online fashion site that is quickly becoming a favorite resource provides access to current fashion and beauty trends for every season. Their office is based in New York’s Cooper Square. The room below is the calling room:

“When we were building this room, we joked with the carpenters that this was where we sent people who needed to calm down and that we needed the walls padded so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. Really we just wanted a quiet room where people could make calls.”   – Refinery29 {via DesignSponge}

refinery 29 fashion site office space in new york

refinery 29 cheeky call room

MICROSOFT – Perhaps you might think Microsoft’s office would be drab and industrial, but this proves otherwise. Conference room in the Vienna office is one of their many creative spaces.

microsoft office design space

ROCKSTAR ATELIER DESIGN AGENCY – Based in Singapore, the design company was founded by the inspiration of rock music and the results are looking good.

rockstar design office space

EMI – The music group’s office in Australia was designed by The World Is Round, mixing in industrial elements with modern accents.

emi office design space, australia

Maybe you don’t own a big company or make the big bucks to revamp a space like the ones above, but you can still make little changes that make a dramatic difference. Check out the post on inexpensive ways to improve your office space design.


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  1. Marianne says:

    Some lovely spaces here – my favourite is definitely the Rockstar office! Love that sofa!

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