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Meet Edgy High-End Jewelry Designer Lauren Bedford Russell

April 8, 2013  
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unique engagement ring - gunmetal, edgy

You rarely see ‘edgy’ and ‘luxurious’ in the same sentence, but with Lauren Bedford Russell, the words nicely fuse together. Lauren is an edgy high-end jewelry designer (and Reality TV star) who creates unique engagement rings, as well as other avant-garde jewelry, different than the typical silver and diamond-encrusted duo. And best of all, she makes it a priority to use only conflict-free gemstones.

lauren bedford russell - jewelry designerCM: You make unique jewelry and cutting edge engagement rings. I’m sure people ask you this all the time, but how did you get into the world of jewelry?

LR: After college, I went to work at a jewelry store in Beverly Hills. One of my accomplishments there was designing engagement and wedding rings for couples. It took a few years and another profession for me to realize I wanted to keep doing that!

CM: Did you go to school for it or were you self-taught?

LR: I grew up learning about it all from my father. When I decided jewelry was what I really wanted to do, I started taking classes at the Gemological Institute of America.

CM: I heard you produce your jewelry in LA or NY. Where are you from?

LR: I am from Southern California (La Jolla, CA) but today I live in NYC. I have been here for about 6 years (with a year in Los Angeles last year).

CM: How did you decide to use conflict-free gemstones?

LR: I think its important to be responsible for the sourcing you use in your company or workplace. If everyone did this, the world would be a better place!

CM: Were they hard to find?

LR: It can be a little difficult with some of the colored or white stones, but black diamonds are pretty typically conflict-free.

CM: What is your greatest joy? Fear?

LR: Greatest joy are my two dogs, Olive and Luna. Greatest fear is losing a loved one.

CM: What are your favorite spots in Los Angeles?

LR: I love all the vegan restaurants in LA. There are so many great ones. For clothes, I love Kill City.

CM: What is your motto in life?

LR: Follow your gut.

CM: Which trait(s) do you most value in a person?

LR: Honesty and loyalty.

CM: What is your most treasured possession?

LR: This huge David Bowie book I have made by Mick Rock. Its about 800 pages with amazing photos and commentary by both men. Its amazing.

CM: Do you have a go-to news source? If not, what websites do you love?

LR: Usually I look at twitter for news (AP, CNN) its the quickest way to see what is going on in the world.

CM: If someone asked you for advice on how to become a successful jewelry designer, do you have any tips for them?

LR: I would say go to the GIA and study gemstones first! It’s really important to know about gems, why they are formed like they are, and what they are capable of.

Visit her collections at LYON Fine Jewelry

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