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Spot Treatment: A Natural Headache and Stomachache Relief Technique You Probably Overlooked

November 27, 2013  
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hand therapy pressure points for headache and upset stomach

BEFORE  you auto-reach for that extra strength Tylenol or some of that pink stuff to ease your upset stomach, take a stab at option B and you might never go back to your old pill-popping days. It requires no chemicals, additives or needles…just your trusty hands and fingers for a little kneading and firm poking.

Koryo Hand Therapy  or Korean Handy Therapy (KHT) is a popular form of healing that borrows the concept of ancient health methods used in oriental medicine for thousands of years. It uses the principle that specific points on your hands have reflexes which correspond to every part of the body.

KHT has several techniques in stimulating the specific points including use of hand needles, but we can also effectively use our fingers to massage targeted areas on the hand to relieve headaches and upset stomachs. This can be done by applying controlled pressure to the corresponding part of the hand. koryo hand therapy points

How To:

For headaches, use the tip of your thumbnail to accurately massage the tips of your middle finger near your fingernail and around the sides. Do this on both hands, as there should be a more sensitive spot that corresponds to the area of your headache. Once you find that spot, use your fingers to massage that point until the pain dissipates.

For stomachaches, use the base of your thumb to massage the center palms of your hand, closer to the index and middle finger. Apply pressure, not in quick and haphazard motions but in a firm, calculated method as if you were carefully counting steps. This should help ease your discomfort.

Remember, the next time your head is aching or your stomach is not in the right digestive state, try this option first. The best part is that it’s sans chemicals and has no side effects.

*This article is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. For more on natural healing methods, consult a licensed alternative medicine practitioner. 



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