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Interview with Actress Narisa Suzuki

January 26, 2015  
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Actress and Model Narisa Suzuki

{Photo by Madoka Hamlin}

Narisa Suzuki, a Japanese native who moved to the United States at the age of 18, is an actress and model based in Los Angeles with a background in musical theater and opera. When asked about how she defines success, her answer wasn’t about getting to a certain destination or reaching a goal but about a life process of constant growth.

Narisa got her first break as a leading actress on The Gunslingers, a Western film that was distributed by Lionsgate. After it went to the Cannes Film Festival, she decided to move to LA in order to hone her craft and pursue acting even further.

What is the most challenging part about acting in LA?

As an actor, you need to be passionate about it. Being Asian is tough, moreover, being from a foreign country, you sometimes have trouble being accepted. To overcome the language barrier, I practice 1 or 2 hours everyday and sometimes with a speech coach.

What do you like about LA?

People are friendly, open, and sometimes crazy (laugh). People in Japan are typically conservative…they don’t talk to strangers on the street. Here, people are more open-minded. I like being surrounded by people who have a lot of passion and creativity.

What are your 3 passions in life?

Love, peace… sounds cliché but I mean it (laugh), oh, and grace. With all the madness that can happen within this industry, being able to find and provide peace is critical. I work in a highly collaborative industry, so it is key to appreciate everyone that you come in contact with.

How do you stay grounded in the entertainment industry while keeping your faith and values?

The industry has changed a lot due to technology. Self-marketing is becoming one of our jobs in addition to acting, even though I rather put my focus on the art. People put a lot of emphasis on social media. I really had a hard time with the narcissistic nature of it because it can easily become all about me, me, me. Christianity is not about self service. This doesn’t mean that I want to avoid fame and fortune, though. Like John the Baptist, I believe that I can use them as tools to do God’s work, as long as I approach it selflessly.

Where do you like to hang out?

Downtown LA is becoming a fascinating area to hang out. It’s vibrant with all different cultures and activities. There’s the art district, fashion district, Little Tokyo, and countless restaurants. As long as I’m with my friends, though, I can hang out anywhere!

Do you recommend any good Japanese food in LA?

Ramen is always nice, and it’s becoming a big trend in LA. Another favorite spot of mine is Kaba restaurant but it just opened recently so not many people know about it. I recently discovered Cherry Blossom in downtown LA. It’s a pho place and they have this amazing crab noodle dish.

Do you follow a special diet or routine?

My goal is to drink 3 liters of water daily.  And I make my own facial mask consisting of yogurt, green tea powder, honey, and olive oil. I put it on for 30 minutes and wash it off. It leaves your face soft and smooth.

Do you have any other advice on skincare?

Be happy. It shows on your skin and body.

Do you ever worry about finances or budgeting since acting can be an unsteady job?

In terms of budget management, it took me 6 hours to find this amazing app called Receipt Catcher…you take pictures of your receipts and by the end of month, they organize it all for you. It’s great for reporting taxes as an actor.

What’s your dream job?

I would love to have a channel, my own travel show. It’s my dream.

How would you define success?

That you’re always growing.

How have you grown since coming here? 

I definitely learned a lot about myself. You can’t operate a ship without knowing the mechanics involved, so knowing who I am and what I can do is critical.

What’s your regular at Starbucks?

I always get a latte, Awake Tea or passion tea lemonade.

Where do you like to shop? 

Brandy Melville – I love the bohemian look.


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