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Book Review: The Go-Giver

February 21, 2010  
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By Bob Burg and John David Mann —

Go Giver
If you’re at work, you should probably go back to what you were doing. Why? It can stunt the growth of riches, as Joe begins to learn. Joe’s the main protagonist of The Go-Giver—a smart business guide that communicates the power of giving in the guise of a parable. Aren’t we all guilty of trying to get as much as possible while giving as little as possible?

Joe is an ambitious young salesman who craves success and riches. One day when he is desperate to land a key sale, he remembers a name being discussed in passing by a co-worker and decides to seek his counsel. Pindar is the legendary and enigmatic consultant who holds the secrets of the trade. Joe is initially nonplussed at the manner in which Pindar wants to meet him and the approach he takes in communicating his secrets.

However, in the span of a week, Pindar introduces Joe to a series of “go-givers” including an accomplished restaurant owner, CEO, financial adviser and real estate broker who each acquaint him with a total of Five Laws of Stratospheric Success—laws that speak wise truths on value, compensation, influence, authenticity and receptivity. It’s a clever story that puts a new face on the proverb “give and it shall be given onto you.”

Easily digestible, The Go-Giver can be read in one sitting and will inspire you to change the focus from getting to giving, which yields unexpected returns. Though it wasn’t published this year, The Go-Giver is a timely read and a classic that is worth revisiting, particularly if you’re interested in gaining insight on what really matters, making more income and becoming successful with a bit more heart.
(Wall Street Journal bestseller list.)

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