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Zoe Myers: Celebrity on the Rise

May 1, 2010  
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By Annie Suh

We caught up with the 23-year-old model, actress and musician.

It’s a few days before the “Inspire a Little Love” charity event (To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization that raises awareness for those suffering from depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide) at Club 740 and Zoe Myers and her dance crew is rehearsing their hot routines at the dance studio near Hollywood and Highland—LA’s wannabe version of Times Square where the tourists, artists and homeless hang.

As soon as I see Zoe Myers at rehearsal, my eyes mechanically fall on her striking fuschia-pink suede boots that hint at her love for fashion. It’s expected considering she was a runway model, as well as a model for Converse shoes, Jane Blue Couture and a slew of other brands. Ultimately, Zoe is a performer who can do it all—sing, dance, model and act. She’s been performing as long as she can remember (her first dance lesson was at age 2), but currently she is focusing on singing and acting.

Her “Love Me or Hate Me” music video was a pop rock hit, which was shown in places like Nordstrom and Footlocker throughout the country. “That’s when I was like ‘screw it what anyone else thinks…love me or hate me.’” Zoe has a young fan base and was inspired to write the song after finding out about hateful comments directed toward her. Since then she’s learned to stay away from all that. “I’ve learned that mistake several years ago. I mean, sometimes it’s so tempting [to find and read public remarks] but I know there’s always going to be bad comments so I really try not to.”

Despite constantly being in the spotlight, Zoe Myers manages to stay real and grounded because she has learned from experienced friends in the business. “I also have so much of a hand in everything. I don’t just come in and perform. I like to have a hand in choreography, music production, how the lights look, and it gives me an insight to everyone’s job. I see how much hard work it is.”

Her mom is also her biggest support and source of inspiration. “She’s my best friend and the person I always go to when I need advice or anything. We text, we call…I talk to her at least 10 times a day.”

When she’s not performing, Zoe makes it a point to do charity work and give back to the community at least once a month to carry on the legacy of her grandfather. “My grandfather had just passed away and he always gave back to the community…very loving. Everyone thought of him as their grandfather…so it kind of made me want to do that.”

As one of the ambassadors for Starlight Children’s Foundation, Zoe Myers has a heart for different causes that involve children, animals or cancer: “They’re really close to me. My grandmother had cancer and I just feel like everyone knows someone who has it.”

Just a weekend ago, Zoe along with other celebrities participated in the 8th Annual Autism Walk at the Pasadena Rose Bowl to help fundraise for the cause.

Zoe maintains a busy schedule and travels extensively, especially to Georgia, her hometown and where her family resides, but she doesn’t enjoy flying. “I have to do it all the time, but definitely when I fly I’m terrified and that’s when I say lots of prayers,” she adds. You think it’d get better but it really doesn’t.”

But what does make her relax is her ocean-waves sound machine, which soothes her to sleep at night. “I don’t like it when it’s so quiet I could hear myself breathe. It’s on the whole night,” she adds.

It’s Friday, the day of the event and Zoe Myers and her talented crew appears on stage for the second act. The audience loves them.

Zoe Myers on IMDb

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