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Quarter Life Crisis Symptoms

May 15, 2010  
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In a time loop.

Quarter life crisis: like a kid in a toy store with a million playthings.

You’re in a version of Groundhog Day. You wake up, go to work, wait till the clock strikes five, go home, sleep. Repeat. You wake up, go to work, wait till the clock strikes five, go home, sleep. Again and again and again. Change. That’s what you need. You know when you’re suffering from a quarter life crisis when:

(Check all that apply)

__ you’re fickle, indecisive, vacillating and unpredictable (suddenly decide to do a 180 and randomly change your career or move to another state/country—your friends are, by the way, wondering what the heck is wrong with you).
__ you’re socially and mentally unsatisfied, bored with work and life, confused, lonely and frustrated.
__ you’re not currently where you want to be because, really, you don’t know what you want.
__ you find there are too many choices and it seems impossible to decide—like a kid in a toy store with a million playthings. The bad thing is that you have a time limit, so looking around just puts you in a tizzy and just makes you dizzy. You want everything but can’t decide so you end up choosing nothing, and then leave feeling disappointed, empty and unsatisfied.
__ you are currently twenty-something or thirty-something and still haven’t found your identity or niche.
__ you’re panicky, nervous and insecure about the future.
__ you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or a cage and can’t get out.
__ you feel like time is ticking but nothing’s changing except your age.

Welcome to quarter life crisis. Calm down, take a deep breath and relax. It’s time to make it happen and start living again. Things you need: determination to change, a notebook with goals and a time frame of when you want to accomplish them, and a good mentor or a goal accountability partner.

Quarter Life Questions to Ask Yourself

• What do you want to be and do?

• Where do you want to go?

• What do you want to see?

• How do you want to help people?

• What are you good at and what do you have fun doing?

• How much exactly do you want to make? And if you get that amount, will that make you finally satisfied?

• Which area do you want to improve in or need to work on the most? (mentally, spiritually, socially and emotionally)

A lot of people going through quarter life crisis think they are alone and that no one can relate to them. But in reality, it’s the norm. Read Eye Weekly’s interesting article Welcome to Your Quarterlife Crisis or Jason Dorsey’s My Reality Check Bounced!: The Gen-Y Guide to Cashing In On Your Real-World Dreams book for a more detailed read and solutions to this stressful life chapter.

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