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Summer Hats for Him & Her

June 28, 2010  
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Maybe you’re having a bad hair day. Or maybe you’re just trying to keep the sun out of your face and look stylish while you’re at it. Whatever your reason, hats are here to stay and there are plenty to choose from. Whether your look is urban, preppy, classic, rocker, sporty or retro, take your pick.

Men Summer Hats

1) Brazil Adidas 3-Stripe Men’s Adjustable Hat

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is taking the world by storm. Show your support by sporting your favorite team’s cap. This Brazil hat features embroidered artwork, Adidas brand mark and three-stripes. Brazil is the only team that has appeared in every World Cup. Available at the Official FIFA Online Store.

2) 2010 FIFA World Cup Argentina Men’s Hat

If you’re rooting for team Argentina, this hat will do the trick. It features an adjustable hat with full color embroidery. 100% cotton. Official FIFA Online Store.

3) Tommy Bahama Plaid Fedora

Look hip and retro cool with this plaid fedora. Perfect to wear for that summer BBQ event.

4) Kangol Organic Canvas Galaxy Cap

Look stylin’ with this Kangol Galaxy Cap that uses a textured cotton canvas finish. Part organic cotton.

Women Summer Hats

1) 20’s Style Straw Cap with Green Trim


Now here’s a sure head-turner. Made with 100% straw, this modern flapper-style cap is by Eugenia Kim for Target. And the price is as pleasing as its look.

2) Nautical floppy hat

Floppy hats were in during the 1950s and ’60s. Why stop there? Here’s a must-have summer hat with a wide brim—it’s playful, stylish and keeps the sun way out.

3) Dip Feather Fedora

Made with paper straw, this light fedora is a unique find that hangs longer on one side. The shorter edge of the brim can be worn down or flipped up.

4) ASOS Corsage Trilby Hat

A classic feminine look, this trilby hat is made with straw and woven with a rose corsage.


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