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5 Things to Learn Before Launching a Small Business

July 28, 2021  
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By Amber Ramsey — While it’s true that you don’t need special schooling to become an entrepreneur, a formal business education can give you a head start. As a first-time entrepreneur, furthering your education will help you develop the business skills you need to launch a strong startup and grow your venture into a thriving […]

Entrepreneurial Mindset

April 24, 2010  
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Jaime Hepp is the president of a successful marketing company that focuses on training and developing young professionals to become strong and well-rounded leaders. Current Position: President of T.A.G. Hometown: Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada Education: 2 years at University of Saskatchewan Your news source: CNN and Fox Last book you read: Your Child’s Self Esteem: Step-by-Step […]