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The Top 5 Traits of Highly Successful People

June 4, 2016  
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We all know that feeling when our mind and heart want to do something but the action doesn’t follow—setting your alarm to 5am, when reality is 7am; telling yourself you’re going to work out everyday, when it’s actually once a month or none; committing to start a new venture, only to realize that it’s already […]

Professional Dress Code for Spring & Summer

May 12, 2015  
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Winter is long gone, but maybe your wardrobe still consists of drab and somber colors because you just don’t know how to do professional any other way. Whether your job requires the prim and proper look or not, it’s always a smart choice to stay on top of your style game and look like you […]

Putting Passions On the Side?

July 17, 2010  
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By Charlsie Niemiec — Parents often tell their kids that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up, and many people have the leeway to decide what it is they want to do. While this freedom to choose is powerful, the push and the pull of today’s current economic state is […]

Interview with a New, Young and Up-and-Coming TV News Reporter

April 17, 2010  
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From the moment you meet Jessica Oh, you can tell she’s got mojo—her affable spirit, sprightly character and journalistic talent say so. In her early 20s, she’s already landed a job as a news reporter for News Channel 9 in Tennessee, where she recently moved to pursue her dream of becoming a news director one […]

Rising to Fame: LA’s Personal Chef with a Creative Flare

April 3, 2010  
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By Annie Suh — It’s about noon and I’m waiting for Dadi Revivo in front of Peet’s Coffee & Tea next to the busy intersection on Westwood Boulevard and Lindbrook Drive. Minutes later he shows up with his bicycle in tow wearing a bright yellow hoodie and red chucks you can probably spot from a […]