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In with the Really New, Out with the Almost New

July 10, 2010  
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By Rod McLaughlin — I have a confession to make. My cell phone is old. I mean really old. My cell phone is so old that once when I took it to the Verizon store for a new battery, the girl behind the counter audibly chuckled upon seeing my device. OK, it’s only about four […]

Lakers – 2010 Champion

June 22, 2010  
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What an ugly game. Just look at the stats and you’ll wince. Watch the first half over and it will make you cringe.

The Friend Breakup

June 12, 2010  
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By Semhar Debessai — Friendships and why splitting up with friends can be more heartbreaking than parting with a significant other. “On to the next one…” – Jay-Z. When you break up with a significant other, there seems to be a standard course of action for recovery that ultimately, hopefully, ends with what the aforementioned […]

Spoken Word: Sucked In…

February 21, 2010  
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By Kri Sutah — With all the glam, gloss and puff, Can’t help but think… All this luxury of fine wining, dining, jet setting, uninhibited indulgence, Heightened emotions and pleasure musings that numb and blind. Distractions galore and one-hit wonders make people forget– To pause, to think, to feel and ponder, “That’s it?” Bombarded and […]