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Free to Be

April 11, 2011  
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By Will Suh — Entering into the world in swirls Into the mind, unconfined and free Liberated spirit, speak my mind. All the commotion Moving so fast like a locomotion In slow motion Promotion becomes a demotion Don’t be afraid to ask the essential questions The oblique, the unique, the deep Desperate and drooped like […]

Spoken Word: Sucked In…

February 21, 2010  
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By Kri Sutah — With all the glam, gloss and puff, Can’t help but think… All this luxury of fine wining, dining, jet setting, uninhibited indulgence, Heightened emotions and pleasure musings that numb and blind. Distractions galore and one-hit wonders make people forget– To pause, to think, to feel and ponder, “That’s it?” Bombarded and […]