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Avoid the Void in Your Daily Living: How to Live Life to the Fullest

December 27, 2017  
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Ever get the feeling like something’s missing in your life even though your schedule is packed back to back with social gatherings and activities after work and weekends? Or maybe you have loads of extra time and don’t know how to use it. Living life to the fullest starts with reshaping the way you think […]

7 Workplace Ergonomics Tips You Must Follow

June 21, 2010  
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By Esther Suh, OT/L, Occupational Therapist — Ergonomic disaster. This guy is an example of what not to do: Slouching. Leaning. Eyes glued to the monitor. Fingers cramped. Stressed. Fatigued. Looks like he could use a healthy dose of ergonomics in his life. Ergonomics is a way of designing a person’s environment to foster the […]

Office Doldrums: How to Stay Motivated at Work

February 14, 2010  
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The days of boredom or feeling burned out are finally over. After today, you don’t have to work a single day. Instead, you can fly to the Bahamas, sit on the chaise lounge next to the poolside Cabana, “drink all day, play all night and get it poppin’” because you just won the lottery. Or […]