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A Mix of Sarah Bareilles Meets Adele: Interview with Up-and-Coming Singer Samantha Aurelio

February 6, 2013  
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By Amanda Deltuvia — Hailing from the East Coast, Grammy nominated singer Samantha Aurelio is petite but she can hit those notes with strength and prowess. With a Sarah Bareilles-infused piano style synced with a voice comparable to Adele’s amazing pipes, it’s clear that Aurelio is a tour de force. Samantha Aurelio received a Grammy […]

Outside the Ordinary: Harvard-Educated Electro Pop Artist Turns Up the Beat (Interview with Musician Baker)

September 24, 2012  
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Meet Baker, a Harvard-educated and classically trained cellist who is beginning to blow up in the pop music genre. Incorporating a mix of 90s trance with a hint of Enrique Iglesias, his catchy electro-pop songs definitely get you in the mood to dance. His passion for music is infectious and evident in his songs. Baker […]

Beat Street: RJ Brings R&B back to L.A.

May 18, 2012  
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By Shontel Horne — The music industry can be a tough road to maneuver, filled with confusing signs, unexpected roadblocks and others trying to get to the same place as you. L.A.-native Ronald Hodge (RJ) has braved the traffic by carving out his own lane, with a soulful sound and pop appeal that is sure […]

Bejeweled: Interview with Jewelry Designer, Yuko Ebina

April 9, 2012  
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YUKO EBINA is doing what she loves and does best—designing and handcrafting jewelry. After realizing what her lifelong passion was and with the prodding of family and friends, Ebina decided to run with her dream and turn it into a career. Her jewelry designs are reflective of her globetrotting experiences. As a kid she remembers […]

Do or Dye: Interview with an Up-and-Coming Hair Stylist

March 2, 2012  
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In a generation filled with tech-savvy, resource-rich, smart and ambitious twenty and thirty somethings, more and more people are picking up a second skill next to their day job to pursue a creative passion or hone a hobby professionally—and they’re embracing it with glee. Meet Esther Suh, who’s a case in point where she’s a […]

Branding to Innovate: The Man Behind The Culture Creative Firm

October 17, 2011  
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By Bethany Nauert— Sean Yashar, a native Angeleno, is the powerhouse behind the innovative brand consultancy, The Culture Creative. Combining knowledge and creative foresight, Sean fills a white space for content creation in the design, lifestyle and luxury goods industries. A self-described “modern artisan” on a mission to save the world from the mundane, Sean’s […]

Curious Obessessions: Interview with a Model

September 26, 2011  
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Candace Eason may not be rich and famous, but that’s the least of her worries. “I’m just happy that I’m living” is her stance on life as she takes out a self-designed notebook filled with a long list of detailed goals. Graduating from the Michigan State University with an art degree, Candace had always been […]

Career Change: An Unlikely Conversion from Films to Needles

September 5, 2011  
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Text and Photos by Bethany Nauert — Russell Brown is not your traditional Acupuncturist. He doesn’t believe in all the clichés that normally accompany Americans who wax philosophical about Eastern traditional medicine. Hesitant to even own a pair of billowy yoga pants, he finds it deranged when Americans use words like “Namaste” and “Love and […]

Interview with Writer and Director, Adam Russell

August 15, 2011  
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By Bethany Nauert — “I approach screenwriting the same way I approached writing poems in my black and white speckled composition book in sixth grade. The end goal is to evoke emotion, any emotion, within yourself first (if you’re not feeling anything from your writing no one else will), then with the audience (in that […]

Clara Chung On the Move

June 13, 2011  
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There’s a new girl in town, and she’s already captured crowds at the Hollywood Bowl, the Shrine auditorium, Kollaboration 10 (first place winner), etc., and with more to come. Her name is Clara C (short for Chung) and the Clara-t of her talent couldn’t be anymore obvious. For one, her creativity is not just limited […]

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